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Saturday, September 17, 2016

Ali Sorena - Ba Man Ghadam Bezan

Song Name: Ba Man Ghadam Bezan (Walk With Me)
Singer: Ali Sorena
Album: Avaar (Debris)
Year: 1392 (2013)
Download or Listen Online: Click Here
Lyrics with Translation (by us):

با من قدم بزن با هر دردي که همراته
محکم به اندازه ي لبخندي که فرياده
Walk with me with any pain you have
Strong, Like the smile that's like yelling 
(walk with me means holding hands and Companionship)

اروم زير خاکستر
با من قدم بزن امشب
Calm, under ashes
 Walk with me tonight

با هرچي که تو دستاته
هر کفشي که تو پاته
With anything you're holding in your hand
With any shoe you're wearing 
(means who ever you are, with anything you are, example: rich, poor, etc...)

با من قدم بزن من هواي تو رو نفس ميکشم
دست،بيار به سمتم از کل دنيا دست ميکشم
Walk with me, I breath from your air
Give your hands to me, I will let the whole world go

دليل بيداري توي شبهاي منن روزاي تو
حرفه اي ترين قاب بسته روي لبهاي منن گوشاي تو
Your days are the reason of me staying awake at nights
My lips on your ears are the best closed frame

با من قدم بزن
رفتن تقديره پاهات
Walk with me
Leaving is the fate of your legs

سکون،مرگ انسان بودن
حرکت دليل آغازه
 Inactivity, Is the death of being human
Movement is the reason of beginning  

يا ،اينه رو بشکن يا
تکرار و ازش بکن با
Or, Break the mirror, or
Take away the repeat from it, or

احساس و قدم امشب با من قدم بزن
امشب باش 
Feel, And walk with me tonight
Be tonight (Don't Leave)

با من بيا به حرمت صدا وخوندن از خون
وبودن وغرور و موندن از جون تو
Come with me, For the sanctity of voice and singing of blood
And being here, Pride, and in your life

راه هايي که پر غربت بود
عابر شدن چه جرات بود
Paths that were full of roving
Being a passenger needed much courage

بالا رفتن رويا بود
زمين نخوردن قدرت بود
Going up was a dream
Not falling on ground was power 
(Rising in life is a dream, But not failing shows the power)

زمين نخورديم
با من بيا به حرمت نگاه هنرمندي که
We didn't fall on group
 Come with me for sanctity of looking of an artist

رنجي نداشت رنجيدنش واست
نديدي جنگيدنش رو
Didn't had any pain, putted him in pain
You didn't saw him fighting with it
(You didn't got bothered by putting him in pain, and you didn't saw him trying)

نديدي ترسيدنش رو نديدي
شايد يه روزي فهميديش ،شايد يه روزي فهميدمش
 You didn't saw his fear, You didn't saw
Maybe someday they understood him, Maybe someday they understood him..

قسمت دوم (Second Part)
باهام بيا تا نخشکه
اون که کاشتيم هنو نمرده
Come with me so it wouldn't get dry
That we planted, isn't dead yet

کسي ديگه نپرسه
مي تونم بپرسم
Nobody would ask anymore
I can ask

به حرمت اون هنرمند
که از ترس نمرده
For sanctity of that artist
That didn't died because of fear

شايد اصلن نبرده
ولي برچسب نخورده
Maybe he didn't won
But he didn't got label on himself
(Maybe he wasn't successful, But others didn't called him something he isn't, like a lier for example)

بيا حتي اگه دوره
اگه سرت رو تنت مغروره
Come, Even if its far
If your head on your body is full of pride

شب قدم بزن از جونت
اگه شب قدم زدن ممنوعِ
Walk in the night
If it's forbidden

توراهي که آروم نمي شد
هيچي بهتر از قانون نمي شد
In the path that wouldn't be calm
Nothing would be better then law

بيا به حرمت له کردن
قانوني که به قانون نمي خورد
Come for sanctity of squishing
The rule that wasn't a rule 

با من قدم بزن
من هواي تو رو نفس ميکشم
Walk with me
I breath from your air

دست بيار به سمتم
از همه دنيا دست ميکشم
Give your hands to me
I will let the whole world go

دليل بيداري توي شبهاي منن روزاي تو
حرفه اي ترين قاب بسته روي لبهاي منن گوشاي تو
Your days are the reason of me staying awake at nights
My lips on your ears are the best closed frame

با من قدم بزن
محدوديت ديدته
Walk with me
Restriction is your sight
(Accept my help and open your eyes to see truth and going to freedom)

نه کشور نه دينته
نه کل سرزمينته
Not your country nor your religion
Not your homeland 
(only Restriction we always had was ourselves, the way we think. the problem is ourselves that we limit ourselves, Nothing can limit us, Not Country, Not Religion, Not Family)

وقتي چشات خوب ببينه
کسي نمي تونه چوب بچينه
When your eyes could see right
No one can aberrant you
(When you would be able to see the truth with your eyes, Nobody can take you out of the way you're going with their lies) 

تو چرخت چرخ بزن
تو چرخت چرخ بزن

با من بيا به حرمت
سنگايي که هست دور پامون
Come with me for the sanctity
Of the rocks around our feet
(Rocks around our feet, means the things that won't allow us to move or makes us move slow in life) 

اون ديدني که هست تو چشامون
به حرمت دشمنامون
That look that we have in our eyes
For Sanctity of our enemies

ازاد بودنو حس کنيم
يه قطره بس از کل بارون
به حرمت تفاوت نگاه ما با هم دوره هامون
We should feel the freedom
Even a drop of whole rain
For sanctity of people in our age
(Rain = Freedom, Means we should feel the freedom even if it would be a little bit)
(We are different from people in our age and people around us (From how we see things, and how we think), and because of that we should be together (Unity))

Monday, September 12, 2016

Telegram Group

Got bored? Want some people to talk to? Join our group and talk to new people from all around the world, Just remember to talk English. Click or tap here to see the group link After you got into the page, click on the telegram invitation link to get into the group. You can also use this link https://telegram.me/joinchat/DQCOZz6gJCWzIDJ0-pZP1Q but if that link didn't work, just use the first link http://m3ni.com/telegram.php and get the new group invitation link from there

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Kako Band - Paradise

New Song from the Iranian band "Kako Band" named "Paradise"
Download with 320kbps high quality or listen online. For Free

Kako Band - Invite

Kako Band - Invite (Daevat)
Kako Band is a new iranian music band, "Invite" is their first album. They have an special genre and the language of their song is English and Arabic
Song List (Click on the song name for listening online):
2- Fall
7- My Planet 

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Wakie Plus for iOS

Wakie+ (edited version)
Also in (Wakie Hacks)

So welcome!
We made an edited version from wakie app for iOS
This edited version is based on some old version of wakie.

With this edited version you can:
 - Make Accounts without phone number verification
 - Fake your country in your profile
 - Come back to wakie even if you were banned
 - Spam any phone number with sms verification messages from wakie
 - Make unlimited accounts

Things you need:
 1- An iDevice (iPhone, iPad, iPod)
 2- Jailbreaked iOS
 3- Tweak from Cydia for installing unofficial apps
 4- Wakie Plus (download wakie plus for iOS) Download Link Removed, Wakie is a good place, lets keep it clean.

So lets get started:

1- How to jailbreak my iDevice?
  Google it an use other available guides on internet for it
2- How to install the app?
  again use google for that, we want to make this guide as short as possible

3- How to signup without phone number?
  3.1- Open your app
  3.2- Select a random country and enter a random number lol if it did ask you to enter code it means that number was user for making an account before, so enter an other number
  3.3- You will now see the main English feed
  3.4- Tap on "More" and config your profile info as you want

4- How to fake my country?
  With this version you can fake your country to show any country that you want in your profile, do as follow:
  4.1- Open your app, Select "More" from dock menu, and then tap on the pen icon
  4.2- Tap on phone number section at the end of menu, Then Select the country that you wish to be shown as
  4.3- enter a random number that would not be unusual (for phone numbers)
  4.4- You will see the verification page
  4.5- Press back button (or X button) and go back to "more" menu in wakie
  4.6- Tap on Pen icon, then Phone number at the bottom of page then tap on X at the top of screen and go back to the page that you see your profile, Do this 3-4 times and you will see the flag got changed under your picture
  4.7- It's done, now everyone will see the new country under your profile pic

5- How to come back to wakie after getting banned?
  5.1- Delete edited wakie
  5.2- Reinstall edited wakie
  (You can also use UDID Faker app from cydia)
  (If you did the above steps and you couldn't come back to wakie, try making a new account)

6- How to spam someone's phone number with sms
 (Do this at your own risk, i am not responsible for anything)
  6.1- First make an account
  6.2- Tap on "More" then tap on pen icon from above the screen
  6.3- Tap on Phone number from end of the page
  6.4- Enter the phone number then tap on tick icon from above the screen
  6.5- Tap on back icon from above the page then tap on tick icon
  6.6- Repeat step 6.5

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

M3NI - Game Over

New Song (or Beat) By M3NI called Game Over
This beat is a rap based 8bit beat plus some rock flavor.
Download from SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/m3ni-946311748/m3ni-game-over
Download from M3NI MSE: http://www.m3ni.com/270147973/m3ni-game-over.html

Monday, June 13, 2016

Ho3ein - Rishe (Ft Bigrez)

New Song From Ho3ein Called Rishe (Root)

Download From M3NI MSE + Online Playback

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